The WealthWorks+ F1 Car

WealthWorks+ is on the starting grid

With the launch of our new wealth management platform, WealthWorks+, we are very excited to be hosting two events in the Channel Islands.

The events are open to any professionals working in the trust and wealth management market and will offer an exclusive first look at our new system.

WealthWorks+ is built using the latest web-based technology and is unlike any other system on the market. Agile and super responsive, our visionary solution will make putting data in and getting information out a breeze – keeping you in pole position to deliver a winning service.

Initial feedback on the software is extremely positive with our clients keen to make the most of all the system has to offer.

WealthWorks+ is:


Our pre-defined default roles eliminate the need for lengthy pre-implementation consultation getting you up and running on the system quicker. The platform also comes with numerous dashboards and accessible export options making it faster and simpler to get out the information you need from the data you put in.


The system is fully responsive; built to work on any device, such as tablets and mobiles. It’s customisable to every individual in your team meaning each user can have their own unique view of the data. It’s scalable to meet the demands of any size firm from the smallest boutique wealth management firm to the largest global corporate service provider. We will also provide the highest level of support as standard with a rapid response time to any issue.


The software is clean and intuitive; designed on a universal platform that your users will already be familiar and comfortable with. This reduces the learning curve and  makes your staff more efficient and productive. The system also comes with technical support already built in, so it’s easier to find the help you need when you need it.

Don’t be left behind in the slow lane, register today for your chance to see the future of trust management.

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