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You may think that buying software is a luxury that you don’t need to worry about, but old-fashioned methods can needlessly consume a vast amount of time and leave you exposed to unnecessary risk.

The Old Fashioned Way

The New Tech Way

Don’t you value your time?

Producing a set of accounts that adheres to the STEP guidelines involves a great deal of time and effort. Not only that but reconciling all the figures can be a headache if you end up with your accounts slightly out of balance.

Reduce your workload by 80%!

Yes, our software really will save you that much time, Troika Accounting can produce a set of STEP-based accounts in just 2 minutes. This is a significant time saving which will allow you to grow your business and spend more time with your clients.

Can you trust a spreadsheet?

If there is a single error in one formula, that error will filter across every sheet you are using. It can be painstaking to find which formula is wrong and if you don’t find it in time you could be in line for some hefty fines.

Reliability you can trust

You don’t need to worry about the calculations and complex formulas; we’ve got all that covered for you. Our robust accounting engine is rigorously tested by our team of experts that include accountants and STEP members so you can trust us to get it right.

Where is all your data?

By having data kept in different files it can be easy to lose track of something, do you really know where all your data is? And if you need to update any details you need to meticulously make sure it is amended in every file, in every location.

Everything in one place

No more hunting for data with all your records kept in one safe and secure database. It’s simple to keep your records up to date and any changes automatically update every related record instantly eliminating tiresome data duplication.

Is it GDPR compliant?

With data strewn all over the place are you certain you could effectively deal with a data processing request? Making sure you are on top of all your data can be a never ending task. Is it really worth the risk when compliance is becoming a crucial part of trust administration?

Secure and effortless reporting

Using the software’s extensive export tools and audit trails makes managing your data and staying compliant a breeze. Whether it’s for GDPR, the Trust Registration Service or the Common Reporting Standard, you know you’ve got your compliance covered.


“It makes it so much easier to have a package that does everything for you”

PKF Francis Clark

Whether you’re using a spreadsheet to fill gaps in functionality alongside another system or you’re managing all your data using manual processes, isn’t it about time you invested in a better way?

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