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It might sound perfect building a bespoke system that is an exact match to your business needs, but it is easier than you think to let costs spiral and be left with an unsupported, out of date product.

The DIY App

The Established Developers

What’s your priority?

Not only will time need to be spent building the system, but there will be on-going management, maintenance and updates required. All of this takes time and sacrifices will need to be made in other areas to support the in-house app or it will quickly become outdated.

This is our priority

By using our dedicated system you can concentrate time and resources on the core priorities for your business. There are no distractions, no sacrifices, no worries. Leave the technology to us and we will focus on what we do best so that you can focus on what you do best.

Built with unique expertise?

With a custom app you run the risk of being over-reliant on one expert. Have you considered what happens when they leave? You could find yourself in an uncertain situation with an unsupported product.

Backed by a team of experts

We have a team of experts on hand to support you with any issue that may arise so you never have to worry about a single person with all the knowledge disappearing on you, taking the stress out of maintaining and updating the system.

Do you really know the ROI?

It can be difficult to assess what the true costs of creating your own system can be. The development and opportunity costs can end up being far higher than anticipated and the project could easily fail to provide the promised ROI.

No hidden costs

With us you know the costs upfront. You will see the value of the time saving efficiencies the system provides almost immediately which makes factoring the costs into your service charges straightforward.

Do you want to be all by yourself?

By going it alone you have to rely solely on your internal IT to support you and they probably have enough on their plate with your core operational IT infrastructure. Being a custom app it will be difficult to find external expertise to help support and improve the system.

We’re here to help

Not only can you depend on us to provide day-to-day support but you can also take advantage of networking with other clients at our annual user group conference. Share knowledge, skills and feedback and we can work together to make sure you’re always getting the best out of your system.


“The support behind the software is first class”

The Parish Group

If you’re worried about indeterminate costs and how to future-proof your system, isn’t it about time you invested in a better solution?

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