The All in One System

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The idea is that having an all-in-one system will simplify processes and save money, but when you compromise on functionality you also compromise on efficiency and quality client services.

The Buy-One Method

The Specialist Advantage Method

A Jack of all trades?

When trust and estate management is just part of a much larger product, sacrifices of functionality have to be made. This means the system will lack more advanced features and you will have to resort to clumsy manual workarounds.

A master of one

With no other products to worry about, we will never compromise on quality. You can rest assured knowing that our comprehensive system has got everything covered and there are no gaps in functionality.

Fed up of being on hold?

When you have an issue, there may not be the level of support you need to get it fixed. You can spend a lengthy time on hold only to get through to a sales person and as their focus is on their main product, your call is given no priority, little consideration and expertise is lacking.

Supported second to none

Our system is our only focus, so every member of our professional support team are product experts and are dedicated to looking after you. Not only that but we are always listening to our clients and hold an annual user conference every year in London to take on-board feedback.

Where are the updates?

Just because the all-in-one product has regular updates doesn’t mean there’s any development going on for the bolt-on, with no priority for trusts and estates the functionality is neglected, limited and out of date.

Dedicated development

Our developers are hard at work continuously working on enhancements and upgrades especially keeping the system up to date with the latest legislation! All of our time, effort and resources are driven directly into making the system the best on the market!

False economy?

You may have been sold an all-in-one system on the basis that it would help your business become more efficient and save you money, but the limited functionality will end up being a false economy in the long run.

No compromise

The superior functionality of our system brings real efficiencies and time-saving tools to help grow your business. If you want to be a market-leader in your field you have to have dedicated software that can support your ambitions.

It is really an All in One system?

Because you are getting the system from one supplier you might be led to think that it’s a complete system, when in fact the trust functionality is separate to the main product. So you’re compromising on functionality for no advantages.

One small but mighty system

Our system may be niche in its market, but it has powerful functionality and is one complete system, with one database. If you’re using our export to a third party tax system, you’ll get as much information into the Trust Tax Return as some ‘all-in-one’ systems!


“We need the very best of breed software”

Penningtons Manches

If you’re struggling with basic functionality and fed up of sub-standard support, isn’t it about time you invested in a better solution?

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