Troika for
UK Trust Management

Troika offers you the complete solution for all
your trust management, accounting and administration needs

A powerful solution for UK trust management

Troika offers you a suite of wealth management tools that will save you time and money

It is flexible and adaptable

It’s simple to customise Troika to work with your business

It is dynamic and responsive

Troika is developed constantly – growing with you alongside the services you offer

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Perfect for accountants,
solicitors and trust managers

Easy to use, streamlined data entry

Saves you time compiling and producing accounts and reports

Efficient accounts production using STEP compliant formats

Assists with AEOI reporting and Trust Registration obligations


To achieve the consistency and accuracy we demand, we need the very best breed of software.
Troika has passed all the rigorous tests we have provided for it.

Pennington Manches LLP

Take command of your trust management

The responsibilities of a trustee are increasing, and asset protection presents unique challenges for each type of UK Trust. Whether you are managing a Family Trust or a Charitable Trust, Troika offers practical ways to manage their complexities effectively and efficiently.

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From Capital Gains Tax administration to FATCA compliance,
Troika places you firmly in control.

It gives you all the features you need to manage complex Trusts, but it is simple to use.
It gives you complete control and flexibility over how you can access and use your data, without a complicated set up and installation.

Troika works both with you and for you

Find out how Troika can transform your trust management
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Start working smart rather than just working hard

Troika is simple to use but offers incredibly smart solutions.

  • Its set-up wizard provides intuitive data entry for all users in your business. All data and transactions entered flow seamlessly into all your documents, forms and final accounts.
  • Troika calculates CGT for you and can simply output data to SA900, SA100 and R185 forms.
  • It offers full foreign currency accounting with automatic recalculation of all ledgers and balances.
  • Troika can capture the classification and registration requirements for trusts and other structure types, as well as identifying specified US persons, crucial to FATCA reporting.
  • AEOI Reportable accounts can be maintained, for recording payments, balances and details of controlling persons to assist with CRS obligations.
  • Troika produces a report matching all the required fields for the new Trust Registration service as a precursor to linking with the HMRC’s API.
  • It also assists with trustees’ statutory duty of care under the Trustee Act 2000.

See the whole picture

Troika can record details for any type of trust or fund, with real-time reporting of its investment and asset ledgers.

  • Troika makes it simple to combine funds for family or group reporting, so you can always see the whole picture with just a click of the mouse.
  • It maintains intuitive registers for trustees, beneficiaries, bankers, life tenants, and many other stakeholders.
  • You can easily view and report on assets and liabilities and have the ability to fully define all of your asset types.

Reduce your costs

By streamlining workflows and standardising processes, Troika makes your business more profitable.

  • Troika eliminates your reliance on maintaining complicated spreadsheets, reduces your data duplication and allows you to spend more time facing clients rather than facing your computer screen.
  • It comes with all the reports, schedules and statements that your business needs.

Work the way you want to

Troika is flexible enough to work the way you do.

  • It is compatible with Microsoft Office, so you can output reports into Word or Excel.
  • Troika can also be linked into many of our partner software solutions, so you can easily create the most efficient system around departmental structures.
  • You can also customise security and access levels for all your Troika users.

Keeps you up to date and on time

Troika makes sure you never miss a date.

  • It allows you to quickly generate accurate valuations and provide consistent reporting for your clients.
  • You can keep track of key deadlines, and receive reminders of tasks and actions, thanks to its diary management tool.

Find out how Troika can work for you by working with you

Call us today on 0‌1444 401 333 to see for yourself what a difference it can make