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Troika Accounting offers optional time, fees and billing functionality to create one complete software system for your business needs.

“We needed a first class client relationship database, accounting, invoicing and billing along with electronic document storage all in one package. Troika ticks all these boxes.”

The Parish Group

Multiple stop watch capability makes it simple for fee earners to work on multiple clients simultaneously.

Effortless ad-hoc billing allows you to create a bill at any point for any client or group of clients.

Fully editable bills ensures that WIP never gets lost in a saved draft but is always reported on.

Flexible fixed or ad-valorem fees and standard charges provide comprehensive options for chargeable activities.

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From flexible fee calculations to comprehensive bill production,
Time & Billing is the perfect companion for your Troika Accounting system.

Dashboards and reporting options help efficiently monitor client recoverability and employee profitability.

Time & Billing will simplify the management of multiple projects at entity level for time, fees and billing.

Flexible bill generation lets you group activities as a single item on a single bill or produce a single bill for a group of clients.



Time & Billing is the comprehensive yet flexible addition to any Troika Accounting system. With the ability to calculate fees on the basis of raw time or user definable rates for work types or job codes and extensive bill production capabilities, Time & Billing makes it effortless to manage your WIP, recoverability and profitability and help you provide quality and consistent billing to your clients.

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