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Download Remote Support and Online Training

The remote support utility lets us quickly and securely provide you with a full support service. To use this service, just download the Troika Support Utility and save it to your computer. Then contact our Support Team and run the utility.

You have to allow us to access your PC workstation before we can see your screen. You do this by providing us (usually over the phone) with both the Partner ID and Password that was generated for you by the remote support utility. So, you always know when our support team are coming online to you.

In terms of other security issues you or anyone in your organisation may have with the remote support utility powered by TeamViewer, please read their Security Statement.

thewealthworks Support offers easy access to frequently asked support questions, allows you to browse the online knowledge base, and be able to download the most recent system releases and updates. If you are new to thewealthworks Support, please contact us to request a new account. Every user in your company can request their own support account.

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