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The Probate Management Solution

Whether you are looking for probate only software or a complete trust and estate management system, Troika Accounting will give you the edge over the competition to grow your business.

Quickly report on assets and liabilities at any point in the process to reduce the risk of overpaying beneficiaries.

One click production of IHT forms including the IHT400 and all sub-schedules, IHT205 and C4 Corrective Account.

Easily add tasks and workflows to stay on track with all deadlines throughout the probate process.

Automatically set up trusts arising from an estate and manage their ongoing administration and accounts.

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Troika Accounting Probate offers everything you need to manage the most complicated
probate cases from start to finish, yet is simple and efficient to use.

Effortlessly produce STEP-based estate accounts in minutes at any stage during the administration period.

Enter data once to complete the IHT forms, manage the administration period and generate accounts.

Full suite of precedent letters included and generated letters are automatically saved in the integrated document store.



Probate is a very competitive market and as a private client practitioner you may have to work harder and charge less, but with Troika Accounting Probate, you can turn a difficult market into a highly profitable one and benefit from the most comprehensive STEP-based accounts on the market.

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