Family Office & Private Wealth
Management Software
from Troika

Troika is the software system that can manage
all aspects of private wealth in one solution

A powerful solution for any family office

Troika is the complete wealth management solution that will save you time and money

thewealthworks’ service is personal and confidential

It is offered with personal long-term ongoing support and confidentiality guaranteed

It was developed for you

Troika was developed for the family office, with a family office, so you know it is perfectly suited to match the complexities of managing family wealth

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Centralized reporting and data aggregation across all family office structures

Intuitive design and easy-to-use functionality

Cost-effective alternative to outsourcing third-party administration options

Truly scale-able, from one to unlimited users, to grow as your business grows

Designed to deliver focused and enhanced levels of service and support


Troika is the core system for all our employees’ everyday work. We’ve worked with Troika since it was first developed and as our business changes, it’s good to know that we have a system that continues to move forward with us.

Take command of private wealth management

Whether you offer multi-family services or concentrate on a single family; or if you provide concierge-type services or manage complex assets across a broad range of products – Troika is flexible enough to support your office, however it operates.

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From bank reconciliation to multi-manager client ledgers,
Troika makes wealth management easy.

It is a sophisticated piece of software that can be tailored to match your specific demands.
It comes with the assurance that thewealthworks will work with you to improve and grow the product alongside your changing demands.

Troika will make you work smarter

Find out how Troika can transform private wealth management
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Keep the family at the heart of your business

Troika keeps the focus on the family.

  • Troika helps you to improve communication with your clients and provide relevant, high quality information for them, through maintaining full records of all family members.

Improve your productivity

Troika will help you to reduce overheads, whilst storing substantial amounts of key information,

  • Watch your administration costs reduce as Troika can perform in-house many tasks that you currently outsource.
  • Troika is capable of administering multi-funded, multi-portfolio and multi-currency client investment ledgers.

Streamline and save time

Troika makes light work of complicated processes.

  • Troika lets you easily set up advanced interest calculation routines using sophisticated rate structures.
  • It offers fully integrated Capital Gains Tax calculations that allow you to update CGT records seamlessly with accounting transactions.
  • Troika automatically processes dividends, interest and repeating transactions.
  • It holds multiple cash books in different currencies.

Work smarter, work better

With automated tasks and powerful administrative processes, Troika will free up valuable time to focus on more profitable activities.

  • It automates many of the day to day family office tasks, making your office more organised and productive.
  • You will benefit from automated corporate event processing for de-mergers, take-overs, re-organisations and other types of events.
  • You will be able to automatically generate letters and documents that use standard Microsoft Word templates.
  • It helps you to efficiently manage and track due dates, tasks and workflows.

Take control over your office

Troika gives you abundant functionality for recording, reporting and reviewing workflows.

  • Troika lets you record and track the status of each set of accounts as they are prepared and handles flexible accounts generated in any format or style.
  • It offers bank reconciliation options to assist with matching records to statements.
  • Troika allows you to record and review compliance targets and key documents.
  • Troika provides you with investment management tools for performance measurement and asset allocation analysis.
  • It gives you the flexibility and the advantage of standard Microsoft Office integration, and the reliability of the Microsoft SQL Server platform as the core database.

Find out how Troika can make your family office work harder

Call us today on +44 (0‌)1444 401 333 to see for yourself what a difference it can make