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Why Troika?

Why should I choose Troika and thewealthworks?

At thewealthworks, we won’t just sell you a software system then leave you to get to grips with it by yourself. Our long-term commitment to you means we’re able to provide you with a whole host of services in support of Troika. By offering a combination of targeted software and specialist back-up means thewealthworks can give you a high quality ‘one-stop’ shop for all your wealth management requirements.

How does Troika assist with my GDPR obligations?

  • Troika is designed using a Microsoft SQL database so all your data is entered into a central, secure location with encryption options available to ensure all client data is secure, protected and consistent.
  • The system has extensively configurable access levels and security controls to protect your client data and ensure that individual users only see the clients appropriate to their role.
  • Troika provides flexible, user-definable and customisable fields to allow you to capture specific data for GDPR to support your firm’s requirements.
  • There are comprehensive audit capabilities built-in allowing authorised personnel to check any changes made to client information, when changes were made and by which user.
  • All the data saved into Troika can be easily reported on in the event of a data subject request.

How long has thewealthworks been around?

We were originally called Finapps, but changed our name in 2009. As a company we have been trading since 1995, so you can trust us to have an in depth knowledge of the market. We know what you need, how you need it and which regulations you have to adhere to.

Who works at thewealthworks?

Mick Jones is our MD and what he doesn’t know about trust accounting isn’t worth knowing! But just as our clients stick with Troika, so our staff stick with thewealthworks – some have been with us since the very beginning. We believe in treating people like people, so we can guarantee you will always feel valued as a client.

Who is Troika designed for?

Are you managing other people’s money as a solicitor, accountant, private client practitioner, family office, law firm, trust company or a bank? Troika has been specifically designed for the wealth management industry and would be perfect for you!

How many people are currently using Troika?

If you choose Troika you will be joining a community of over 500 users in approximately 50 different locations all over the world, including the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Mauritius, Liechtenstein, Ireland, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, India and Gibraltar.

What size company is Troika for?

It really doesn’t matter what size your company is, we can provide you a system for just one user or unlimited users. Just tell us what you need.

Can I talk to one of your clients?

Of course! Let us know which Troika product you are interested in and we can provide details of one of our clients who would be happy to talk to you. In the meantime, why not take a look at our Testimonials page.

What areas of wealth management can Troika handle?

Troika provides unique solutions customised to fit the demands of specific markets. Currently Troika is available to help you manage:

What modules does Troika have?

Our Tailor-Made Troika offers you a solution that can be designed for your business needs and lists all the modules that Troika offers, including: Client Accounting; Client & Investment Management; Investment Reporting; Company Secretary; Time & Billing; Fund Management; Compliance & Risk Assessment; Private Banking; Customer Relationship Management; Probate Case Management; and Management Reporting.

But I need some modules and not others – how will Troika work for me?

Depending on what your demands are we can build the Troika system for you by combining the specific modules you need into a tailor-made package for your business.

How much does it cost?

You want to know you’re getting a fair price and this is why we offer a transparent pricing structure, but due to the nature of our system – having the potential to be unique to every client – we find it works better to quote you for exactly what you want instead of giving you an ‘out-of-the-box’ price online. Once we know what you want we will offer you an exact price.


How quickly can I get Troika?

If you know what you want, you could have Troika up and running in less than a week. We want to make sure you get the benefits of running Troika as quickly as possible once you’ve decided to join us.

How long does the implementation take?

Your business won’t suffer major disruptions during the implementation which normally only takes a day or two depending on the size of the company and how much data you need to be converted into Troika. Once you have made the choice to use Troika, our dedicated Technologies Team will work with you to arrange the when and where and on what platform.

What happens before installation?

Everyone works differently and this is true of what you want from Troika. We will meet with you pre-installation to discuss all your requirements – one of which being your reporting needs – do you have any complex accounting needs, such as: full accounts, schedules, reconciliations and internal reports? Although the standard range of reports in Troika is considerable, we want to make sure you have exactly what you want, and if not, we can either make the changes for you or train you so you can make the changes yourself.

Do you offer any installation support?

Client liaison is very important to us and we actively monitor all support activity – providing information and assistance to ensure the smooth running of your software installation. Even after the initial set-up we aim to visit you every six months to ensure everything is running just how you hoped, resolve any issues and help you improve your processes.

What happens after Troika is installed?

You can relax knowing that our service to you will not stop once Troika has been installed and is up and running – our Support Team are always on hand during office hours to help and we aim to pick up your call quickly and efficiently.

How good is thewealthworks' after sales support?

You can call on our team of dedicated experts, including qualified CAs, for any support you need. We answer 95% of all calls within three rings and expect to resolve 75% of queries during the first call. And to make sure we continually offer our clients the best service all support requests are logged and reviewed regularly.

What happens with accounts templates and what if we want a template that isn't included in the initial set-up?

If you ask us, we’ll make sure you have it. We hold a large variety of templates (including discretionary, life interest, accumulation and maintenance and estate/STEP compliant) and will develop the template(s) for you as part of the implementation. If, at a later stage, your requirements change or you wish to make amendments, we can offer a comprehensive training workshop to enable you to create, edit and implement your own accounts or, if you prefer, we’ll do the work for you.

Do you offer any backup service for my data? Will my data be safe?

Your data is safe with us as we offer a regular online backup of your Troika database and other key electronic data, stored off-site in a secure location.


Does Troika work with other systems?

If you use form-producing systems such as Digita, PTP Software, Drummohr, and CCH Software, then you will be relieved to know that Troika has generic import and export routines that are designed to make the appropriate calculations and link with other systems, automatically minimising the time-consuming process of re-keying information.

What about financial data feeds?

We accept security pricing, dividend information and capital actions from all the known financial data feeds. It is our policy not to have direct business relationships with data providers, protecting our independence and enabling you to have a direct relationship with the data provider of your choice. Our current clients are using links from SIX, Interactive Data, and Bloomberg. If this doesn’t suit you, we will be happy to explore linking with any other company providing data feeds and commit to providing a link to any financial data feed at no extra charge.

How will my current data work with Troika?

Don’t worry about data conversion, we’ve got that covered. We have considerable experience of converting data from a variety of competitor systems and handle each conversion as a separate project within the implementation process. Data can also be transferred from other applications such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel.


What about training?

You will receive an individual training package designed around the level of training you and your team needs. We offer a comprehensive training service of courses and workshops to suit almost every level of user and background including public courses held at our offices in Handcross, bespoke training at your site and refresher courses.

Is there any other support you offer?

Yes! thewealthworks hold annual user group meetings, currently in London and Leeds, which gives current Troika users the chance to have a say on future development and enhancements, find out about upcoming updates and learn about new functionalities. It also gives you a chance to chat with other Troika users and us to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Troika product.

How do I know Troika will keep up with changing regulations in the industry?

You will receive two releases per year, every year, all included in the annual license fee. We understand that the financial industry is constantly evolving as new regulations are passed and additional demands are placed on practitioners. With this in mind we are constantly working to develop Troika to make sure the system you have is always as efficient as possible by including regulatory changes, new reports and additional functionality.

What if my business changes and I need more or less functionality?

Just let us know and we will help make sure the Troika package you need is always the best option for your business.