Business Continuity Covid 19

Business Continuity Planning for COVID-19

“With the COVID-19 spread continuing and Government policy evolving we have made plans to ensure that we can continue effectively as a business and provide our customers with support for their system usage in the UK and across all of our customer base.

“We have made arrangements so that if necessary the business will currently function with everybody working from home. Our development team are already working remotely and from today the support team are operating a staggered support process that allows them to work from home where necessary.  This will mean that all support functions should continue as normal, though please bear with us as we adapt to the challenges of remote working.

“Our aim is to ensure that you will not experience any delays in response to your queries and we will continue to provide support and assistance as normal. We would recommend that you email the support desk in the first instance; phone calls will be answered, but you will get your quickest response if you email

“We will keep you updated if anything changes but in the meantime thank you for your continued support.”

Mick Jones

Managing Director

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