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Searching for the Source of Wealth

The rise of regulations Today’s Wealth Managers have a burden of responsibility to meet global anti-money laundering regulations and one of the most critical, yet challenging obligations can be checking a client’s Source of Funds and Source of Wealth. Source of Funds and Source of Wealth checking are so important because they are the foundation in establishing the financial background of a client and the cornerstone of Enhanced Due Diligence. Both […]

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Is the Family Investment Company the new Trust?

Needing a Trust alternative Since 2006 Trusts have become less attractive as a structure for managing family wealth due to increasing restrictions and greater regulations. The wealth management market started searching for an alternative that could offer the wealth protection that used to make Trusts so appealing but with greater tax efficiencies. Along came the

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Postcard from Mauritius

Mondays in Mauritius

In between lockdowns, thewealthworks’ Director Offshore Operations, Duncan Alexander, set off to Mauritius for a 6-month secondment to establish an official company presence on the island. thewealthworks already have a client-base in Mauritius, but as the global reach of our entity management software increases, we wanted to ensure that we can continue to provide our

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Spoon Bending Software

Enter the Matrix The Matrix is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and the film is arguably one of the best sci-fi action movies ever made. I remember being blown away by the pioneering visual effects and the ground-breaking trilogy not only revolutionised Hollywood action movies but also inspired an innovation of technology. Even if

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