The Creators of Troika

Wealth Management Software

thewealthworks were commissioned to create a trust and accounting system in 1995, which was the beginning of Troika. We have now been developing and perfecting Troika for over twenty years so that you can benefit from it today.

We work closely with accountants, solicitors, family offices, private client practitioners, trust companies, banks and other corporate trustees to make sure Troika meets the needs of each specialist market.

The management team at thewealthworks combines top-level industry experience and constant consultation with a network of industry specialists to make sure you get the best software solution for your business.

Troika is our sole offering, and your market is our sole interest. We work with you, and we work for you – so Troika can help you today, tomorrow and into the ever-changing future.

What is Troika?

Since its launch in 1995 Troika has grown into an internationally recognised provider of world-class wealth management solutions.

It is used by more than 500 users in locations all over the world, including the UK, the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Mauritius, Liechtenstein, Ireland, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, India and Gibraltar.

Its customer base encompasses organisations with just a single user to those with more than 100 users.

Troika is a functionally rich, flexible and easy to use software suite that will optimise every aspect of your client services.

How Troika can help you

The wealth management software market is very competitive, but with Troika you know you will benefit from a system that strives to be better than the rest.

Troika delivers solutions for:

We have been using Troika for over ten years now.
As chartered accountants, it’s natural that we insist on systems that have solid bookkeeping behind them.
We also benefit from thewealthworks’ understanding of trusts and trust accounting.
It is these two factors that have led to our long-term relationship with Troika.

Blick Rothenberg

Wealth management software you can trust

Troika has been trusted by wealth management professionals since its inception.

Although the company has changed over the years, from our humble beginnings as Finapps, Troika has always kept its name and has built a trusted reputation for reliability within its field. Developed for the wealth management industry by the wealth management industry with twenty years investment of expertise, Troika has been developed based on the needs and feedback from industry professionals, just like yourself. Currently, there are currently over 500 users in more than 50 different locations all over the world and many have been using it since it was first created. Have a look at what customers, from large and small institutions alike, have to say about their trust in Troika.

A wealth management system that comes with more than just software

We do not see Troika as a software product, but as an ongoing service.

Once it is installed we will still be available to provide you with the support you need. We do not believe in making sales, but in making relationships. Whether it’s technical support or training, you can rely on us to help you make the most out of your investment. You are an essential part in Troika’s ongoing development. Each year we meet with users and discuss new features, answer questions and listen to your ideas on how Troika can continue to meet your changing needs.

A responsive wealth management system

Troika, is being continually developed to meet the demands of its users and the latest step in its evolution is our advanced web-based platform WealthWorks+. We keep changing so you can keep excelling at what you do. Your software is continually updated so you are always benefiting from maximum efficiencies and adhering to strict regulatory compliances.

After sales and customer support has been fantastic.
thewealthworks team are extremely friendly, committed and responsive
and we know we are dealing personally with people who really know their product and
what we need to get out of it.

Macfarlanes LLP

A wealth management system to suit any office

We offer a highly competitive pricing structure, with no hidden extras.

Once you have informed us of what you need, our transparent pricing structure promises that you only pay for exactly what you asked for. Nothing less, nothing more. And Troika has been designed to work with you, so you won’t face integration problems. It is fully compatible with Microsoft, so you can generate Troika reports directly into Word, or easily export data into Excel. This means that you can quickly customise your outputs in line with your existing branding.

A wealth management system that is personal

Just as you take pride in offering a personal service to your clients, here at thewealthworks we are proud of our customer service – offering you a service that is both technical and personal.

We are waiting to welcome you to the Troika community.

thewealthworks and the GDPR

thewealthworks has a long history of providing reliable and trustworthy systems for our customers. An integral part of this service is our commitment to privacy and how we protect personal data both as an organisation and as part of Troika.

Our customer relations and after-sales service is key to how we support our client base. We value customer trust; the protection of personal data and compliance with applicable privacy laws are key to what we do.

The majority of our client relationships define us as Data Processors, as opposed to Data Controllers and although both relationships may result in different obligations we approach both roles with equal rigour. We regularly review our privacy policy and have a number of internal policies which dictate how we process information. These standards are constantly subject to renewal and review so you can rest assure that we take this issue seriously.

To find out how Troika assists with your GDPR obligations, take a look at our FAQs

thewealthworks: better with Troika