Connect Intranet System
for Troika Software Solutions

Connect is a powerful addition to help you
to get the most out of your Troika systems

A powerful solution for Troika reporting

Connect is an obvious extension of your existing Troika – making the system work even harder, just for you

It is compatible and simple

It can be integrated into your existing intranet and is easy to customise

It is highly organised and fast

Connect disseminates data rapidly throughout your company in a single solution

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Connect directly integrates with any of thewealthworks' systems

Simplify and improve reporting and data analysis

Optimize resources usage within the system

Swiftly retrieve and collate key information

Developed in the Microsoft .NET framework for easy and low cost deployment


“Troika’s real advantage for us is its intranet service. It’s a great way to optimise client service by providing information, real-time and company-wide.”


Take command of your management reporting

Troika is a system built using a relational database, and unlike a lot of other products on the market, it is developed as an open database. This allows you to use all the information it generates. Connect assembles key information out of the system and makes it available to all your users through a standard internet browser. Making it a perfect solution for a client portal.

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From tracking key activities to reporting progress and performance,
Connect gives you the ultimate Troika system.

Connect gives you greater control of your Troika data, through a secure intranet platform.
It will help you improve your granularity of reporting and supports you to support your clients.

Connect is the perfect partner to your Troika product

Find out how Connect can transform your Troika reporting
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Makes sure you stay secure

Connect has configurable security, giving you the peace of mind you need with confidential data.

  • Connect gives you the control to set multiple levels of access for your data, and can easily be integrated with your Windows Security.
  • thewealthworks offer you full software support and continued product development.

Total access, total confidence

With greater access and control you will improve the service you offer to your clients.

  • Connect gives you instant access to key management information and allows you to remotely control key activities within your organisation.
  • It lets you assess operational performance for selected users, offices or any other client grouping.
  • Connect summarises client administration milestones, key dates and funds under management for any combination or selection of clients and their funds and allows drill down for further analysis of transactions and investment holdings.
  • It gives you instant access to all client information, which you can filter using key criteria, from a single point – including all administration, portfolio details, time and billing records and documents.

Simple, efficient, powerful

Connect was created with the same ethos as Troika, giving you power by releasing data.

  • Connect is simple to use and understand and easy to implement, set up and administer.
  • It uses a standard internet explorer browser to access data, with low system requirements.
  • You will benefit from offering enhanced client services with a low set-up cost.
  • Connect brings together: Wealth Management & Accounting, Trust & Company Administration and Time & Billing information, all with easy access in just one internet browser.

Flexibility that gives you more control

Connect is compatible with other systems and fully customisable to meet your organisation’s needs.

  • Connect can be integrated with your own company intranet or other systems.
  • Its flexible design allows the system to be customised to meet your needs and styles.
  • Connect was designed using standard Microsoft © tools. Microsoft SQL Server © is the leading database solution in the market place today.
  • It is based on a modular range of solutions to fit your needs.

Find out how Troika Connect can work for you by working with you

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