Based in Jersey, Crestbridge (formerly Dominion Corporate Group (DCG) provides Jersey Property Unit Trusts (JPUT), Limited Partnerships (LP), and Fund Administration as well as corporate trust and company services. They also provide administration services for companies in Luxembourg, Delaware, Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands. thewealthworks has been working with them since 2003.


  • To provide a multi-currency bookkeeping and client accounting system for a range of offshore investment vehicles, with full training and local installation support.
  • To provide an intranet service for all key information systems across the organisation.
  • To develop Troika in consultation with Crestbridge staff to provide administration services for a range of investment vehicles.
  • To increase the efficiency of repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as annual returns production.

Tailor-Made Troika and Connect

The Tailor-Made Troika product consists of the Wealth Management, Time & Billing, and Company Secretarial modules.

Clients Comments:

“I think I must have seen nearly every offshore system at one point or another. There are certain basic requirements for all of them, but Troika‘s real advantage for us is its intranet service (Troika Connect). Effectively, Connect has become our staff’s principle system. It’s a great way to optimise client service by providing information, real-time and company-wide.”

“It was important that any system we adopted could keep pace with the way Crestbridge itself is growing. Troika uses standard Microsoft tools so we have no real ‘future proofing’ concerns, but we also wanted a system with locally based support, which thewealthworks were able to provide.”
James Coyle, Head of Information Technology, Crestbridge